Slide Won't Advance

I created a video through Storyline and embedded it in my project in as a test version. I've added some captions to assist them as they navigate through each screen. On the very last slide, I added a continue button to advance to the next slide. When I click preview the slide, the button appears. However, it doesn't appear when I preview the entire project. My caption is all on one layer with the eye ball wide open. Any help?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Brian!

Sounds like the "Continue" button is displaying only when you preview that specific slide, correct? It's not displaying on that slide if you view the entire project, correct? Or are you wanting this button to display throughout the entire project?

Are you able to share the .STORY file here? I'd be happy to take look and see what's happening, if you'd like. 

Thanks and welcome again!