Slider Issues and crashes, again!

Hi All,

My slider is suddenly unruly. One click sends it to the end of its path an dragging it back with the mouse barely works. Copying and pasting the images in order to redesign the whole slide is just making the program crash.

This is with Storyline 3's newest update.  I have deadlines. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can just undo the update and get back to work? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Phoenix.  Thanks for reaching out again - I see you've been having some trouble overall with sliders, and I know that's frustrating for you.

I see that Angelo is working with you in a support case.  I let him know that your file is posted here in the forums.  I was able to download and open it successfully.  I'm also going to follow along with the case so we are all on the same page.

I know that Alyssa asked you this previously, but can you confirm if you're saving your work on your local C: drive?  I want to be sure we're doing everything we can to protect your files.

I'm hopeful that we can figure out what's happening!

Phoenix Rain Bird

Hi Crystal,

Yes, I'm saving to my local drive and actually opening older versions where this slide worked produced the same result which is why I think it's the update.  I've reinstalled Storyline 3, imported the slides.. everything you recommend.  

I never got resolution on the previous slider issue either, it's just always been a problem