Slider issues in storyline two

I'm using a slider in SL2.  The user selects the slider and then chooses a case file to investigate.  Each movement represents a different case file.

So at position 1 - case file 1 shows

At position 2 - case file 2 shows and so on through to case file 6.

The issues I'm having is on case file one, when it initially shows it then disappears at the end of it timeline (case file 1 at position 1 in the slider).  The other images do not do this only the first image.

The first image, is in normal state to start as I can't get it to appear at the start of the timline otherwise.

Any assistance would be a great help.

I've uploaded the slide in question.


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Steve  Galway

Hi Andrew - the reason it's happening is that you have no pause on your timeline and each image has an 'exit' transition which triggers at the end of the timeline. It's visible with image 1 because it's the only image visible when you first launch the screen.

If you move the slider before the timeline reaches the end then all the images behave in the same way - because they all have the same exit transition. If you wait for the timeline to reach the end before moving the slider then the other images will show OK because the exit transition doesn't fire. You need to pause the timeline to stop this from happening. 

Having looked at your file I think you could save yourself any potential problems by making use of 'layers' to handle the cases instead of relying on hidden image states. 

Steve  Galway

Are you going to have a seekbar in your player? Reason I ask is that if you don't you could probably pause the main timeline after 1sec and the interaction should work as you wish. Might save you from doing it again using layers. 

If you have a seekbar in your player then, as it stands, if a user clicks the seekbar the interaction will fail for the reasons in my first email. 

Andrew Young

The pause the timeline function worked a treat.  I tried separating it into layers but had an issue with the animation not working properly on the first case file. 

It would animate in the first instance and then wouldn't when I wanted to go back to it.  So went with the pause the timeline option.


Thanks for your help