Slider not working

Hello,  I am in dire straights with this.  I have created a slider before, but for some reason, I cannot get the slider to move from the first point to the second point. If I start the "initial" state to higher than 1, it will move up one and down one along the slider but nothing more. I attach some screen shots for you so you can see how I have set my slide up.  any advise would be much appreciated. I can honestly say I've spent over 3 hours trying to work this out without any the point of starting over from scratch.

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Kate, Nice to meet another fellow Aussie (I'm from sunny Perth).  

In your pictures your trigger to change state to State 1 is when Slider2 variable = 1, however, change state to State 2 is when variable = 3. 

i.e. to move to state 2 and beyond the variable value is equal to "state number +1".

Have you tried setting your State 1 trigger to a slider value of  2?   I suspect this may fix the issue.

Hope this works.  Alternatively, can you upload your slide?

Cheers Christine