Slider not working

Hello,  I am in dire straights with this.  I have created a slider before, but for some reason, I cannot get the slider to move from the first point to the second point. If I start the "initial" state to higher than 1, it will move up one and down one along the slider but nothing more. I attach some screen shots for you so you can see how I have set my slide up.  any advise would be much appreciated. I can honestly say I've spent over 3 hours trying to work this out without any the point of starting over from scratch.

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Kate, Nice to meet another fellow Aussie (I'm from sunny Perth).  

In your pictures your trigger to change state to State 1 is when Slider2 variable = 1, however, change state to State 2 is when variable = 3. 

i.e. to move to state 2 and beyond the variable value is equal to "state number +1".

Have you tried setting your State 1 trigger to a slider value of  2?   I suspect this may fix the issue.

Hope this works.  Alternatively, can you upload your slide?

Cheers Christine   

Michael Hinze

Since you have the slider on a layer and try to show other layers as the slider moves, you do need to unselect the Hide Other Layers property in the three layers. You also need to add triggers to hide all layers except the one you want to show. And your slider should start at 0, so that the first layers is displayed as the the slider is moved. Have a look at the attached with these issues fixed.

haya sadiq

Hi Michael

Thank you for your response. I'm sorry i'm being really thick here and still don't understand what i have to do. Do you have a video i can follow? or a step by step guide? I'm sorry it's been a stressful day where i have lost 6hrs! trying to resolve this issue. Please help, maybe screen shots to show what i have to do. Thank you! sooo much!!! i opened the file you sent but could not follow. So Sorry...

haya sadiq

Hi Michael

I have tried to follow your instructions and still nothing is working. I have a presentation to deliver tomorrow showing off this element within the presentation, but this may not happen if it can't be fixed. My sincere for all the frantic messages but i guess you can see i'm super stressed with this whole issue. Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me!


Lauren Connelly

Hello haya!

I'm happy to step in! I've looked at your project and added a button to each layer the says "Hide Layer". Feel free to change the wording!

Then I added a trigger on all of the layers to show the 1Ace's & Trauma layer when the user clicks the button. This way, the user will move back to the slider.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!