Slider not working in Google Chrome

Hello, I hope you are well.  I have a slider issue I can't seem to figure out.  The slide works fine when viewing in IE but not Chrome.  I've rebuilt the slide several times.  It works fine in preview mode and in IE.


Published for web (to Tempshare):


Published for LMS (to Tempshare):

Both work fine in IE, but the slider won't work in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  Am I doing something wrong here?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi George! Thanks for sharing those links and allowing me to take a look. I assume you are referring to the slider on the Knowledge Check slide and this is working for me in Chrome. 

What are you seeing when you report that it is not working?

I pulled up the same link in Safari and I am seeing that the feedback happens much faster than dropping the item, so curious if that's what you were seeing as well?

If you could share the .story file, that would be helpful as well.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi George!

Thank you for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look.

I was able to see the same behavior you were reporting. Looks like the issue is happening on HTML5 output, which explains why it looks great in preview and in IE.

I then was able to track down a similar report of this issue. I've added this thread to the report and re-prioritized. I also wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

George Lake

Leslie, thanks for your time, I do appreciate it.  I've swapped the activity for a drag & drop with a similar look and feel so it's not really an issue any longer.  On a related note, will I get an update by email once this is fixed?  I don't use sliders a ton but once clients see something shiny and new they tend to ask for it a lot.  

Leslie McKerchie

I'm glad that you were able to find something that will work for you in the meantime George, thanks for that update.

As far as an update on the issue, you should be subscribed to this thread and this thread is tied to the report and we do come through and update forum threads when we can :) So yes, you will get an e-mail from this thread if we have an update to share.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Phil! I do not have an update, but sounds like your user may be experiencing something different. The issue reported here seems specific to HTML5 output not adhering to 'when learner releases'. It's working as if 'when the slider is dragged'. Check out my sample here to see the difference.

Let me know if I need to take a look at anything.