Slider with States 1 through 52 is skipping when sliding back down from 2 to 1

I have a slider set up to show 52 different states to look like an animation.  Start=1, Initial=1, End=52, Step =1.

It works moving to the right from 1-52, but on the way back tot he left from 52 to 1 it looks like it "skips" between 2 and 1.  I don't have an extra blank state, but it is not a smooth flow back to 1... when sliding from state 2 to 1, it looks like state 2 closes, then reopens to show state 1 (State=Normal).  It is not a smooth flow from 2 to 1 like it is from 1-2, 2-3, 3-4...... 50-51, 51-52, 52,51, etc.

Any ideas how to make a smooth transition from 2 to 1?

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