Slides are auto advancing without requiring the next button

This is my first project using Storyline and when I preview the scene I built, one it gets to the end of the timeline for each slide it auto advances to the next slide. I checked the player triggers and deleted the tirgger to move to the next slide once the timeline ends but it still advances when I preview it. I wasn't prepared to load the file yet to my LMS for testing. Any suggestions on settings I might be missing?

Is this just how preview works and it will translate fine into my LMS?

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Bill Lightfoot

Hello All - I am having this same issue.  I have read though not only this string of replies but the others as well and I have found no solution.  My imported PowerPoint is plain with no animations and my slide properties have all been set to "By User" (although I did not figure out how to set all slides at once) but in preview it still races through.  This is my first one in Storyline but I have about 60 others ready to go.  Any assistance would be great.  I have opened a ticket and attached the file. Ticket 00783846 

Chuck Sigmund

I should have been clearer. After your first post I went in and fixed the couple of slides I had missed. The buttons now sort of work. The Next button will work once the slide has reached the end of the timeline, and the Prev button doesn't seem to want to work at all.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Omar and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You can control this from the Slide Properties window.

By default, slides in Presenter courses advance automatically upon completion, but you can change it so learners control when slides advance. To change this behavior for an individual slide, do either of the following:

  • Click the Advance hyperlink next to a slide thumbnail. It'll toggle Auto and By user.
  • Select any slide, and click the Advance hyperlink in the Properties panel on the right side of the window. It'll toggle between Automatically and By user.

You can find our full documentation here.