Slides Jumping to New Locations

Mar 09, 2015

I am creating a module that uses the first slide as a "menu," which users can click on images that take them to different branches of slides.  Then they can either progress in order through the module, or go back to the menu and choose another branch (more circular than linear).  After working on this module last week, I came back today and the slides have jumped around.  Now, the module goes from slide 1.3, to 1.10-1.20, then 1.4, 1.5 and ends with 1.6-1.9.  One can still progress through the module in order, but the menu on the left side jumps around because of the order of the slides is no longer in numerical order.  I also notice that as I am trying to move the slides back into their original order, the slide number jumps around, too. For instance, slide 1.4 says 1.5 and 1.6 then 1.4 again.

This has happened before and I just took time to drag the slides back.  This time I am not getting the slides to reorder very well.  I notice this seems to happen when I have a module that has a lot of triggers to move slides in a circular pattern.

Any advice about how to avoid this in the future or fix it?  Is there a setting I can check on the slide?

Thanks in advance for feedback.

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Sarah Greywitt

I typically do this, but may not have yet with this project.  Does this help to "keep" my order?   I thought that was just to make sure the menu on the player was in sync with the scene. Thing is, my slides were just fine all last week, then they shifted around when I opened my project today. 

I noticed a post about this happening two years ago, posted by Jeff Forrer.  The response was to report this issue.  But that was two years ago, so I don't know if this is a big or not.  The post is called "Bug-Automatic Renumbering of Slides."

Do you have any suggestions for how to restore order?   I have been trying to drag the slides into the proper order and that is not working.  I think I have to resort to rebuilding slides, which is sad because I have animations and slides layers on some of them.

Any insights are appreciated.  Thanks for responding.

Emily Ruby

Hello Sarah,

Using the menu reset button with make your menu list go back in the order that the slides/scenes are numbered in Slide view.

Are you working locally with this file? Also, have you conducted a repair?  I took a look at the case from the thread you mentioned, but that had to do with a numbering variable, and importing the file into a new file did provide a workaround. 

Sarah Greywitt

Thank you Emily.

I am working locally.  I have not conducted a repair. 

Thanks for taking a look at that other thread.  I thought the issue was the same.

Thanks also for pointing out the menu reset button.  If I can get the right numbers on the slides (they have changed as I have been trying to get them back into the right order), this sounds like a good solution.

Is there a way to avoid this in the future?  It seems to happen when I have slides in different branches.  They seem to jump around unexpectedly from time to time.

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