Slideshow won't appear during preview

Nov 19, 2016


I'm learning Storyline and created 3 simple slides. However, when I try to preview nothing appears. See attached. Does Storyline require an internet connection so if I'm having connectivity issues the preview won't show anything? Any ideas why I can't see my slideshow during preview?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Doug.  Thanks for reaching out.  I was not able to reproduce this behavior on my end.  What version of Windows are you using?  Also, can you confirm if you have Flash Player enabled with your Internet Explorer (even if that is not your default browser)?  Does this happen to any slide in which you insert markers?

Storyline does not require an internet connection for authoring courses, so working offline should not be the culprit.  If this is only happening to this one slide in particular, I would try to rebuild the slide (if you haven't already).  You're also welcome to share your .story here for us to do some testing.

If this is happening in any slide with markers, in any project, I would start with running a repair of your Storyline 360.  Thanks again, Doug.

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