Sliding the end of a slide to shorten it

I am frustrated and it has to be something simple, but here is my quandary....

I do not seem to be able to slide the end of any slide to shorten them now. In the past I have been able to click on the timeline top and drag the length toward the beginning to shorten them and now I do not seem to have that functionality. I am baffled. I have restarted and still no go. I do not recall changing any settings. I did use a previous story file as the template for this new show, but that has not been a problem in the past. Help me obie-wan...

Anyone else out there have this happen? And if so do you know the solution?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joe and welcome to Heroes!

I'm still able to drag the timeline in my courses - so I'd like to find out a bit more information from you. Just to confirm, when you hover your mouse over the end line in the timeline seconds, do you see the little two sided black arrow? That's where you're clicking and trying to drag?

Please let us know if you're able to check into those elements and how it's behaving after.

Joe Shultheis

Hello Ashley,

As so often happens I figured it out shortly after I posted the call for help. It had one object in the time line that was set to a specific time using the 'timing' function. It was in the show from the previous use, as I used an existing course as a template for the new one. It seemed to of hung up the ability to move the timeline backward in mass. Once I set the object to last the entire length, or show always as is stated in Storyline, the problem went away.

Because of time yesterday, I did not attempted to repeat the issue to determine if it was a fluke, but it makes sense that if one item is set to a specific time it will not let the group be pushed back. Thanks for your speedy return and concern with my problem.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the update and sharing that additional piece of information here. If a object is set to a specific timing, I agree that the timeline wouldn't be able to be dragged back past that time point.

I did a quick test of this, and what I observed is that if something is set to start at the beginning of the timeline and you have it set to end prior to the end of the timeline, when you drag the timeline back to the left it will stop at the latest object. If you have the object set to start say 5 seconds into the timeline and end prior to the timeline's end, you can drag the timeline back to the left and when it reaches the object it will start pushing the object back to the left until it reaches the start of the timeline and then you can go no further. This is true for objects that you have set the timing up within the "Timing" window for each object or if you've just dragged the objects timeline to a particular length. If you have your objects set to always show until end, you can drag back and forth all your please.

Hope that helps clarify and let us know if you need anything else.