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Peter Anderson

Hello, San!

Because Slovakian isn't one of the default Text Label languages, you'll either have to translate them manually one-by-one and then save them for use in future projects. Or, if you'd like to send all the text labels to someone else to translate or modify, you can download this spreadsheet, which contains a complete list.

 Hope that helps  

Peter Anderson

Morning, San

I was hoping (and thought) that there was a way to re-import the translated spreadsheet back into Storyline's text labels, but it might not be possible after all. I tried saving the text labels spreadsheet as an XML and loading it in through the text labels interface, but it doesn't seem to work that way. 

It looks like you'll need to copy/paste the text labels in from the spreadsheet one by one. 

It's possible I'm missing a step, and hopefully someone will chime in if I am, but for now it looks like that would need to be a feature request

A little tedious, but once you've copied all the labels in, you'll be able to save them right within the player for future use :)

Hope that helps, San!

Peter Anderson

Hi San, 

Correct, that's the only way I seem to be able to do it also. After entering your text labels, be sure to save them, at which point you can rename it to whatever you like, but the original language will be changed also. 

Seems to me like something that can be improved. Want to join me in adding a feature request  ? 

Peter Anderson

Hi Sandra, really sorry for the frustration with these text labels. 

Because there's currently no way to import the spreadsheet with the translations directly back into Storyline, here's the workflow I'd recommend:

  1. From the Text Labels section of the Player Properties window, click the Save button to the right of the Language selector.
  2. Choose a name for your new set of text labels and click Save.
  3. For any item you want to change, copy / paste your translated text from the spreadsheet in the Custom Text column.
  4. Click Save.

This saves your text labels in Storyline's default location. You can choose a different location if you like — for example, maybe you'd prefer to save the labels to your desktop so that you can easily locate them later, if you need to share them with a colleague or copy them to a different computer. However, if you choose a location other than the default, the saved text labels won't appear in the Language selector in other courses you build. You would need to use the Load button (the folder icon to the right of the Language selector) to browse for the labels if you want to re-use them in another project.