Identifying where Text Labels are used

I'm familiar with editing Text Labels and saving the custom .xml files (as described by Articulate: (

Here's what I'd like to find out: Is there a list of labels that includes a description of where/how the text appears?

Some labels are obvious. For example, it's easy to see that ID "next"/text "NEXT" controls the Next button.  Others aren't so obvious. For example, there's also ID "acc_next," which has "next" as its text. So where would that text appear?

It'd be useful to have explanations, especially for labels with IDs beginning with:

  • acc_
  • KnownPlayString.
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Judy Nollet

I'm preparing a document for a translation department and want to indicate which items definitely need to be translated, i.e., that might occur in a typical course for that company. I was starting from an exported .xml of the text labels, which is where those acc_ and KnownPlayerString IDs are shown. Since many of those items seem similar to other text items, there's no way to tell when they might appear - and, hence, whether they really need to be translated or not.

Now I'm cross-referencing the .xml with the spreadsheet that show the IDs as they appear in SL2. That's a bit more helpful.

Judy Nollet

And here's what I found: An exported text-label .xml has 123 rows of data. The spreadsheet that Articulate provides as a guide has only 122 rows. I can't tell whether the KnownPlayerString.PostQuizReviewFeedBackTitle or the KnownPlayerString.Review is missing, because in the .xml, the text for both of those is "Review."

I'm also confused because some of the custom text doesn't seem plausible. For example, does the program really tell the user "Locked Interaction Warning Text"?  If I saw that, I wouldn't know what it means.

At least I figured out that the acc_ items in the exported .xml are for accessibility.

Gonzalo Suarez

Hi There! I'm also looking for some help on  Judy's query, I do have the same situation here with a course I'd like to translate and point out only the visible tabs/buttons/pop up boxes in the course. Is there a way to check which are the "active" player labels in  any given course?

Thanks  a lot in advance!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gonzalo, 

From within the player set up you should be able to see which tabs are activated by looking at the check boxes as shown here: 


But there isn't a way to determine which of the text labels are being used in that course so that you only update those ones. I'd look at translating/updating them all to be safe.