Snapback not snapping back

I'll spare you the full image, but I have a list of dragable text that the user should drag to the appropriate label box.

The weird problem I have is that the top six labels don't snap back to their original position when dropped  outside of a target. They snap to the center of the slide. If I then click on the word, it snaps back to its original position.

The next six labels perform as they should, with the labels snapping into their original positions. Here are my settings.

But I think the problem lies elsewhere. I just don't know where. Thanks for any help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for trying to spare us the full image - but I think this one is going to involve us taking a look at the Storyline file, or even a mock up file that displays the same behavior. 

If you're able to share it here we're happy to take a look and if you'd prefer to share privately I can send you directions on how to share with me.