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I'm not new to SL.  I have easy 30+ SL2 courses.  I've just started using SL3 and will be publishing purely in HTML5.  I am having serious publishing issues that I have discovered using SL3, and would like help.  Note, I have selected the HTML5 only option for publishing (FLASH is not an option).  There is no flash in these projects.    (1) In all cases, there is very noticeable delay when a selection is made going from page to page, in every published story (WEB or CD).  Chrome works better than IE, but still very noticeable delays (2) Published to Fill full browser only works in CD, does not work in WEB. (3) Auto Launcher does not work in WEB, only works in CD.  Launcher has a HUGE delay as if something is wrong and the course is not working. 

I am looking for any information related to these issues.  Thank you.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Network drives can be notoriously slow sometimes as they are optimized more for file storage and not optimized for serving up web content.  Same for things like SharePoint or Dropbox. 

If you have a choice, always go with a true web server for best results.

Do you have a true web server available to try your content on?  Or can you try it out on Articulate's TEMPSHARE or the SCORM Cloud?

The good news is others here do not see the same thing with their courses.  We just need to get you there.

Do you have a course that could share here?

Art Smith

I think you have given me a couple of good ideas. A web server is not an

After many discussions...I just don't think these courses import well from
SL2. I had to fix many problems induced after importing. Display of
content. I wonder if there are issues in the background I'm not

I may need to rebuid these courses over. I just may do that. (Most

I have not built a brand new course from the beginning in SL3. I may do
that to compare and contrast.

I appreciate you help!

I will post agaiin. After I build a brand new that was build in SL3.

Gerry Wasiluk

Sorry that a web server or something like an LMS is not an option.  :(

Not sure this is the issue here (so, please forgive me for getting on my soapbox here and going "overboard) but I have a hot button when it comes to organizations not properly supporting developers and learning with the appropriate tools. 

IMVH and very biased O, you need more than just a tool like Storyline to properly do e-learning.

Besides supplementing Storyline with some important tools for the developer, a proper platform for delivering the training to learners is a minimum requirement, IMVHO.   Network drives and things like Dropbox or SharePoint just don't cut it sometimes.

But all too often, developers are caught in the "we don't have the budget to do that" from their management.  Really tough position to be in. :(   You care deeply about learning and your learners and want them to have a good experience.  So I have sympathy and admiration for developers trying to do the best they can with what they have access to.  But sometimes, when it comes to proper funding, e-learning is the poor step-child of the organization.  :( :( :(

Okay, off my soapbox.  :)

Art Smith

It's all good.

Delivery is in a classified electronic classroom. We use networked student
computers that host so many different types of software, a web server is
not compatible in the mix right now.

Our limitations have never been a barrier. They won't be now either. Here's
the change. Delay going from page to page since imported to SL3.

I'll get it figured out.

Thx for the feedback 👍

Gerry Wasiluk

Cool.  One more thought.  Probably doesn't apply but I'll throw it out there.

Sometimes having a browser traffic app like Fiddler or HTTPWatch can help.  You can observe the SL courses assets being downloaded "under the hood."

I remember we had a course sponsor complaining of courses being slow on her PC.  We went to her PC, installed a web traffic app, and observed things.  We saw the initial course assets get all downloaded in a few seconds--but then it took 20-30 seconds before something would be seen in the browser.  If I remember right, we eventually found out that she had some third-party browser extension that was causing problems.  Removing that solved her "slowness."  Her problem wasn't slow loading--it was slow processing.

(Of course, SL360/SL3 courses don't all download all at once.  Info on that can be found here: .  Important to know, especially if you do branching and the first slide or two of the branch is very "heavy.)

Art Smith

And the final answer was graphics. I took my worst case story. Deleted
button graphics off of the master slide and it works just fine.

Each button was a two state graphic Up/Dn (12k per button). There were
basically 30 alpha numeric buttons.

I replaced each button with plain hotspots. It works pretty well. I lost
the up/down motion of pushing the real buttons like on my base graphic.

I rebuilt this project in SL3 from another current authoring application
and did not have this issue. This is disappointing.

Vice thinking what can I do to in SL3, I'm thinking more in line with what
else can't I do.

We'll see...