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Nov 19, 2018


I have a question. We have a problem with animations. Till this time we used the Flash. And now we was try upload animation per Web Object (HTML5), animation working but loading is really slow (about 6-8 seconds).

We was try it in more web browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). And we have Articulate Storyline 2, Update 13 and I was try it in Articulate 360 and the problem was same.

Is here somebody who had this problem? And do you have some solution?

I was upload here the trial version, where is 1 animation OK and 3 are "bad".

Thanks a lot.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Vit!  I saw the same as David with the HTML5 output in Chrome.  The 3 "bad" ones showed a loading animation (blue squares) for a second, but the animation played normally from that point.  I hosted your output here using Tempshare (it'll expire in 10 days).  The HTML5 output will be supported in only Chrome and Safari.

When I viewed in IE, the Flash output loaded and I did see the loading time was a bit longer.  It looks like the animations were created with Adobe Animate.  What kind of settings are available when you create that object?  Should that object behave different in HTML5 output versus Flash output?

Vit Sikyr


thank you for the response. You´re right, the loading is probably caused by the size of animation in HTML5. Can you tell me, if is normally, the animation in HTML5 is several times bigger than original animation in flash (we don´t have expirience with this and for production of animations use the subcontractor)?
And one more question, how to "force" Articulate to create or export story line (training) to always get a few slides forward while browsing and avoid slowing when viewing animation?

Thanks a lot!

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