Sluggish and slow previous button on published Storyline course

I am having two issues with slow response times with buttons

First, I am having issues with a slow to respond previous button on a published course.  It has a more than acceptable lag.  This is the first time I have experience this with a published storyline.


I am having a lag on a tabs interaction that I designed to replicate the look of the application.   This has worked in the past but when I add an additional interaction with the same functionality just different content,   the tabs are now slow to respond. 

The tabs are calling a slide that has an image (low res.) and audio.  only one of the seven tabs has heavy content ( images, audio and video)  


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Betty -- 

So sorry to hear of the troubles your are experiencing, but there are a few troubleshooting steps we can try first to rule out some common issues. Please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. Also, could you please ensure that you are utilizing the most recent SL2 Update? Info on Update 5 can be found here

In addition, please confirm that you are testing the published output in the intended environment. You are welcome to share your file or a sample file here that illustrates the behavior you are seeing, and we would be happy to take a closer look for you. 

Betty  Becker

I worked through all the suggested fixes except the repair.  Will this repair help a published file or is that for unexpected behavior when using the software? 

I still have slow response time with buttons and a menu that uses buttons on a master slide on a published file.  I have tested both on and off our network. 

You can access the course at



Christie Pollick

Hi, Betty -- The repair mentioned above would address the software itself, so in turn, that would help improve what you are seeing after publishing. 

Thanks for the link and I checked it out, but unfortunately, I did not see that lag you are describing. In the interests of gaining a fresh perspective, I would like our Support Staff to take a closer look for you. I have taken the liberty of creating a case for you (00610944) and one of our Support Engineers will be in touch via email shortly.