Smooth slider that smoothly controls video timeline position

I created a project in Storyline 360 with 10 seconds of video and a slider that controls the timeline position of the video. So when I move the slider, video jumps forward or backward. Slider step is 0.1 out of 10 so it moves pretty smooth. The video is on separate layer so trigger moves video forward or backward for 0.1 seconds each time slider moves. Everything works perfectly fine if I move slider slowly, but if I move it little bit faster, it doesn't detect each 0.1 seconds movement of the slider so it skips some steps and video timeline moves less than it should. Any ideas to make it work even if a user moves the slider fast?
This could be so much easier to achieve if we could trigger jump to timeline point adjusted by variable value, but variables in Storyline can be used only for trivial things (I guess the reason for this is to make it simple to use) and not for assigning trigger parameters to variable values. I also considered using javascript to move video to certain timeline point but couldn't find any usable info required to control video with javascript. 
Any ideas would be appreciated. Storyline 360 file is in the attachment.

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Zoran Jancic

It's not the same. I want to achieve certain flexibility in creating interaction. Storyline is very limited in that manner because of it's simplicity for the user. In the other hand, advanced users can't achieve a lot of things. In this example, I wanted a user to move a point on a graph. When he put the point on certain place and clicks submit, I can evaluate where the point is and give him a feedback. For example, if the point is on a function minimum, I can explain a minimum, but when he moves it to functions maximum, I can explain the maximum. I know Geogebra is beter for math stuff, but since I create content for lot of different topics, I always want to experiment with interactions mechanics. So I decided to try with video displaying graph and point that moves along the line throughout the video. 
To make a proof of concept I sniched a free video from Pixaby just to try out the mechanism of moving video back and forth with the slider. Results are so-so, as you can see. If I only had some javascript info about video and other objects, that would be easy peasy.