So very noob - Need help creating an interactive, "binder" eLearn!

Apr 26, 2016

Hi! I have limited experience, especially in using any advanced features, in using Storyline. I have been able to navigate and figure out some things on my own, so this old dog can be taught new tricks.

I have searched, ad nauseum, for any kind of template, tutorial, or step-by-step instructions for creating what I'm wanting. It's just so hard to believe that no one has ever created this type of eLearn, PPT, etc...apparently I am not using the correct search terms, lol.

This is what I need....

I have a (static, flattened) graphic of binders on a bookshelf (that I still need to purchase, unless anyone knows where I can find something very similar -has to be a bookshelf, and has to be binders with spine(?) labels; see attachment), and I would like:

  • when the learner clicks on a binder (a Hotspot inserted on the bookshelf image?),  have it "fly" off of the shelf,
  • then the binder hovers, (the background somewhat dims?,) you briefly see the cover/title/outside front of the binder,
  • then (after a few seconds, and on it's own) the binder opens (with the first page in the binder containing text the learner must read),
  • and if there is more than one page in the binder, learner clicks the corner (or anything really, not too picky about that ;)) of the page, and it "flips" to the next page.
  • Then, when the page (all pages in the binder) have been visited/read/clicked-thru, "something" is clicked, the binder closes, then "floats" back to it's spot on the shelf...OR
  • Instead (and more fitting for the theme of my eLearn) the binder closes, then "POOF!!", it disappears (with an actual "poof!" graphic/animation popping up on the screen :D).
  • Next, the learner clicks a second binder, and the same process repeats...(there are 4 binders, as of now).

So, basically, I want the iPhone iBook app! (insert thumbs up here ;)

I only have access to Articulate Storyline 1 and am hoping that something even remotely similar to what I've described above is possible?? If so, I have NO idea where to begin, which tools to use, nor how to use them!

If someone could point me to a similar eLearn/template, tutorial, or instructions that somehow eluded my extensive search, that would be most helpful! Or if anyone can contribute, even pieces of, how to accomplish this, I would be so grateful!!

Thanking you in advance for your time and attention :)


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Maria -- Thanks for reaching out here! May I ask if you have a file started? It might be helpful to upload what you have already to help illustrate what you have in mind beyond your description. 

Also, maybe you might want to check out the following in case any of the suggestions shared could get you moving in the right direction?

And it might also be a good idea to post your question over in our design-related Building Better Courses forum for additional input, as well! 

Marc Lee


I made one of these 'page turner' animations years ago in Authorware.  My gut feel is that what you would need is one page-turner animation for the page flipping and variables for the text of the various binder contents. You would also need the animation for the binder coming off the shelf and going back on.  I think something like this should be possible but it would take quite a lot work to get all the animations to work smoothly.  I think the animations could initially be done in Flash and then converted to MP4 so they would play on iPhone and iPad.  I would be glad to try to help on something like this but we should discuss.

-Marc Lee (

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