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Aug 30, 2013

I created a couple bookcases ala ipad bookstore.  We used this as a resource library within the program.  

There are two versions in this PPT.  

1.  3 shelves with binders (used from another shared file on here,) that were edited in their original PPT form, captured as pictures, then inserted into the bookshelf and tilted to "lean" against the shelves.   The folders and text can be easily removed.  

2.  An empty 4 shelf version.    

You'll see on the upper bookcase that it says "hover to enlarge."  Once we'd build the bookshelf with the folders in PPT, we saved it as a picture and put it into Storyline as a static background.   I put hotspots on top of every folder on the shelves.   (one for each folder.)   Then I inserted and laid the same jpegs of binders which I used in building the bookcase in PPT directly on top of their static versions.  (so basically, there were two of every binder.  The ones that were already on the static bookcase and the ones I just put directly on top of them.)   But then I increased the size of the inserted duplicate folders to 3x bigger than what's already on the shelf.   Then I set the initial state of the larger inserted folders to invisible and created a trigger for each that they would change state to visible when the mouse was hovered over hotspots I'd put on top of each of the static background folders.  

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Kevin Hart

Thanks for all the kind words, folks!  I've gotten so many great ideas and graphics from this site it's the least I can do to give back.  

Here's the link to Tom Kuhlmann's blog post that tells you how to make your own tabbed notebooks and also includes some pre-made notebooks for download.   I used his pre-made folders and slightly tweaked them to my needs.

Next week when I'm back in the office, I'll post the notebook interaction I described.  

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