Software Simulation

Does anyone know a good method to create a software simulation in test mode in which the user must complete multiple fields, but the navigation is allows the user to choose which field to choose next.

For example: the user has three different drop down menus that need to be completed on the same screen and the user can choose which one to complete first.


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Steve VE

I see two possible ways of doing this:


I'm going to assume that you want to let them move to the next slide after they have completed all three. If this is the case you can use a counting variable. The completion of a menu would add one to the count. The count would be evaluated on the completion of the menu. If the count reaches three, the next button is activated.

A few things to consider:

  • At what point should the number be added to the count? The last interaction would likely be the best spot.
  • Should they be allowed to redo a menu? This can get complicated rather quickly if you have to add and remove numbers from the count.

Evaluating a True/False variable

  • Set up a True/False variable for each menu. For example, menu1, menu2, menu3.
  • Set the value of each variable to False.
  • Once the user finishes the menu, set the variable for the menu to True.
  • Evaluate if all three variables are true. If they are, enable the next button. If not, do nothing.

This is a little more solid than the count method. In both methods you'll have to figure out the best way to evaluate the variable(s).

Hope that helps.