Solution: 2 Quizzes, 1 Results Slide

Feb 04, 2016

Hi All,

Sorry if this solution has been posted before, but I just built one and thought I'd share since I've been struggling with this for a bit. I am currently making a jeopardy-like game in Storyline 2, and if the users pass the game, they pass the module and don't have to take a quiz, but if they fail the game, they have to take a quiz.

The challenge here is that, say they game incorporates 10 questions and the quiz has 10 questions, those who pass the game would get 10/20 on the module. Attached you will find a story file with a rough solution. It starts off with an initial quiz (would be the game in my case). Using a variable, I track the user getting the questions correct. As you move through and come to the 2nd quiz, if the user passed the initial quiz, I use the variable to automatically answer the correct questions on the 2nd quiz, and it skips right to the results slide. If they failed the initial quiz, then they need to take the 2nd quiz.

Again, sorry if this solution has been posted before, but check it out and let me know what you think. When it is jumping through the quiz, you do see the quiz for a split second, but with some more time, I'm sure I could make that a smooth looking transition (maybe make it look like a loading page).

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Derek -- Thanks so much for sharing here and for denoting that this is a contribution rather than a question by using "Solution" in your title; much appreciated!  :)

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