Solution needed!! - Visited states to show a layer

Mar 24, 2015

Hi Guys,

Could do with some help on this one-

I basically want the bullet points on the attached slide to serve two functions:

1 - to reveal the corresponding text when clicked (this works)

2- to change their own state to visited when clicked

I have then set a trigger to show the layer when both bullets' states are visited.

In theory it all looks fine but the layer doesn't appear when both bullets are clicked.

Any help appreciated!



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Jonathan Fortier


You must assign a diffent image for your Visited State,

When you click on your red button, you have to click on the "State" tab (the tab on the right of the Timeline tab).

And then you change the look of you visited state red button. I've tried it and works just fine! It's working on your file - but both Normal and Visited States are the same!

Hope it help!

Haaaa just saw the thing with the layer - Hope it works now!

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