some base layer objects don't show after hiding layer

Sep 27, 2012

I have a slide that has 3 buttons on it. Each button opens a layer. Each layer has a 'close' button that hides the layer (via trigger). The base layer objects are hidden on the layers. The problem is that the 3 buttons on the base layer don't display when the layer closes.  Example: Start on the base layer, which has 3 buttons. I click on button 1 to show layer 1. I click on 'close' to hide the layer. I'm return to the base layer but only button 1 is showing.  This has worked in the past. Has anything changed with Storyline that I'm missing?


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Peter Zaidel

I'm seeing the same thing.  Hopefully someone comes up with a solution.

What we're seeing is the following

1. Base layer has objects that have a normal state, a selected state, and a hover state

2. Other layers hide most objects on the base layer

3. When you navigate to those layers, the base layer objects are hidden nicely

However when you come back to the base layer, any objects that were hidden on other layers and that have a selected state (that's different from the "Normal" state) don't reappear as they should even if you navigate to other slides and come back to the base layer.  They don't get "unhidden" after other layers "hide" them.  

Right now it looks like the only workaround is to not hide objects on the base layer and add a blocking image on each layer.... Which for the size of our course is really frustrating.  We would have to re-work hundreds of layers to block out images on the base layer.  Anyone else find a workaround?

Peter Zaidel

Thanks for looking at the file Mike,

It's strange you can't recreate it.  We have two licenses and both installations behave the same.  Are you putting states on the objects on the base layer and then hiding the objects on the subsequent layers?  What I did also find odd is that it only happens to images or shapes, buttons seem to be unaffected...

For now we've made the shapes 2 separate images, and have a trigger toggle them from hidden to normal.

I will submit a case, but would like to ask you to pass along my view of the world to the powers that be at Articulate Global...

I'm sorry, I'm really not trying to be a jerk, but it's something that's been bothering me (and I'm writing this with the goal to provide "constructive feedback") so please follow me here:

Kevin Thorn

Hey Peter,

I'm experiencing the same thing. When I leave the base layer and return the shape that has optional states disappears. I'm troubleshooting now...

I'll add that this may be a bug, but there's no evidence to suggest it is yet. It may be a design thing in the software that didn't account for this type of navigation. I'm not familiar with managing software but think there's a difference in software design that's not working - bug as opposed to software design that was simply not designed.

Lemme see if I can figure something out... 

Kevin Thorn

Hey Peter,

I think I figured it out. 

The first thing I noticed on your shape with states is the order of the states. By default, there are two orders for buttons:

Button: Normal, Hover, Down, Visited, Disabled. 

Selectable Button (check box): Normal, Hover, Disabled, Selected

Your shape's order is Normal, Selected, Hover. Nothing other than a hunch to swap the order as it would be if it were a default Storyline selectable button I swapped the order of your shape to Normal, Hover, Selected. Works fine that way.

Bug? Maybe. Great find? Absolutely! Thanks for posting this. I learned something.

Hope it works on your end. File attached.

Mike Enders

Ahh....good catch Kevin.

And Peter, thank you for the feedback.  I do apologize if you're feeling like the support system has been a bit of a black box.  I'm still fairly new to the team, but from my experience both during and now post-beta, the cases do all get looked at by the development team.  They really want to make the software better and are hard at work stomping out issues that do arise.  So please know that they are taking your submissions seriously.

As for your suggestion about "taking it from here".  Point well taken.  I think there are times where that would be helpful and effective. 


deb creghan

Sorry - I've been out of the office.  My file uses standard buttons, with the states in the correct order, so maybe my issue is different than Peter's.  I'm trying to do something very simple that has worked in the past, so I don't know why it's not working now.  Simply - show layer, hide layer. I cannot use Dropbox,etc from the office (it's blocked) so I will upload the file there from home tonight.  THanks.

Stephen Cone

I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to extensively play with Deb's file.  What I did find interesting is that there is a definite inconsistency with how the layers were working.  Most notably:

* Layer1 - only turns on the Layer 1 button

* Layer2 - turns on the Layer 1 and the Layer 2

* Layer 3 - turns on the Layer 1 and Layer 3 buttons

If you add additional change-state triggers to the close btn on each layer (e.g., change the other buttons back to "Normal") everything turns on again correctly.

Verified with the 1.1208.1316 version of Storyline.

Peter Zaidel


Your email advice to "remove the blue line" from my story made me stumble on to the solution to Deb's problem.  The checkmark in the "Completed" state is what's causing the buttons to disappear.  It looks like if the states are different in any way, they don't come back.  Take a look at the edited .story. 

Peter Zaidel

I wanted to bring everyone in on the developments behind the scenes on this one.  The QA team replicated elements of my file and made it work flawlessly.  It appears there is another layer (ha!) to this issue.  To break this working file, all I did is changed the order of the objects on the slide (ie. brought the object to the front).  Take a look at the two different versions.  The "working" version is attached here. 

Peter Zaidel

If this is something that we're going to need to be aware of, I for one will need to see some documentation on exactly what the combination of states and object order on the base layer makes it so that all objects will show up when you return to the base layer.  I've now been playing with it for a few days and can't make heads or tails out of it in a course with multiple elements on the slide.  It just seems like there are way too many moving pieces.  

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