Some users can't hear the audio on a published Storyline course

Jan 22, 2015

We have recently started using Storyline and have posted the first of our courses that we created in Storyline on our LMS. We've had some users report that they can't hear the audio, but for most people it works fine. I can't reproduce the problem on my system. Does anyone have any ideas why some users would not be able to hear the audio?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Carolyn

putting on the black hat here of a support person:

a. Mute button on

b. Headset not selected as output 

c. Sound card issues on the pc

Have you isolated it to users with a particular browser? 

Can they hear the audio if you publish to web and link them in that way?  Is it an LMS option on their profile for audio (not sure if LMS have this) just putting it out there.

Katy Milholland

I'm facing the same issue.  Most users can hear audio on the published file, but a a few can't. Right now we're just reviewing content with a smaller group, but this could pose a larger problem when we publish to the masses.  We've checked sound settings to make sure it's not a volume issue and tested with speakers and headphones, but still no luck.  I'd love to know if you can isolate the problem, Carolyn.  

Carolyn Herlin

All of our users who are experiencing this issue are external clients and so I don't have access to their systems. I'm asking them to check that their firewall is not blocking .mp3 files and have asked a few of them to let me know if that resolves their issue. If it isn't, I'll have to try to work more with one of them and see if we can figure it out. They all indicate that sound is working on their computer otherwise. And I'm seeing this issue too often to chalk it up to having mute or something on. I'm getting emails to our support line about this issue.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carolyn and Katy,

We're also happy to take a look at your courses and test in a few different browsers and such if you'd like to share it here. Additionally for those users who are having difficulty you may want to have them test it loaded on a different web server or LMS (there are a few web server options here and SCORM Cloud is a good LMS testing solution.). 

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