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Lauren Connelly

Hi Christophe!

Sounds like quite an oddity! Have you tried moving the sound wave files on the timeline? This would ensure they don't play automatically. 

I'm happy to take a look at the file to dig deeper into the issue! You can share your file with us by using the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion.

David Schwartz

Hi Christophe,

There is a difference between audio added through the Insert menu and audio that is included on a slide via a trigger, and I wonder if that is the issue here.

In the image below, I added the first audio through the Insert menu, and it appears on the timeline with the waveform you mention. It will play automatically. 

The other audio, the one highlighted, was added through a trigger, and while it appears on the timeline too, it will not play automatically, but only when the button associated with the trigger is clicked.

 If this is issue, I think your best bet would be to only add the audio via triggers.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Christopher

I always put audio on it's own layer - seems to be easier to control exactly how you want it to behave - see if the attached will work for you. Only worked on slide Dimanche matin".

If you want it on the base layer, set a trigger to stop audio when timeline starts


David Schwartz

Looking at the file, it seems the issue is that Storyline is not handling the audio as expected when the trigger is associated with a group. If you convert the group to a shape, it no longer puts the audio in the timeline as an object that plays. I found this true on both slides you mention.

That said, Wendy's fix is great, as it assures the audio is no longer in the base layer's timeline.