Sound icon to match classic player?

Dec 19, 2018

Hi - I am new to Articulate and am wrapping up my first project.  I looked through all icons to find a sound icon to match what shows in the classic player to let learners know to click if they are not hearing sound.

This may sound so nitty - but the closest I found isn't quite right.  Is that strange that an icon in the player isn't in content library?  Would you let it go as is or change to an arrow pointing down to the icon in the player?




Picture of both icons in course

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Paige,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you're looking for.

It looks like Matthew has popped in to share a great idea.

Another may be to screen grab that image so you can use it and have it look just like the button in your player.

I've seen many arrows in courses as well, so I feel like many go that route as well.

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