Sounds on mouse clicks

I added a trigger to a button.  The trigger plays media (a .wav file of a click sound) when the user clicks the mouse on the object (button).  I can't seem to get the timing right.  When I play the sample of the sound it sounds right.  When I preview the file it works correctly.  But when I preview the entire project and click on the button the presentation jumps to the next slide (another trigger on the button) but the sound doesn't play.  It seems like I hear the sound after the next slide starts but I'm not positive about that because there's audio on that slide as well.

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Steve - 

You might want to make your button trigger a layer that relays an action when the timeline of the layer ends to make sure the sound plays before a new slide is loaded.


Button Triggers:

set variable bAction = 1

show layer soundRelay

on the sound relay layer:

1) Your audio

2) A trigger set that executes a command based on the value of bAction. For example, jump to page X when the timeline ends if bAction==1 -- show layer Y when the timeline ends if bAction == 2, etc..

This allows you to use the same layer to run your audio for different button functions.

Steve Shoemaker

Thanks for all of the replies.  Annie's suggestion worked but there are four buttons on the screen and each sends users to a different scene.  Since I want to use the same sound for each button but send users to a different place I think I'll try Steve F's suggestion.  It sounds like it will save some work.