Specified font and size across all slides/slide layers appears differently

Sep 12, 2019

I'm building a course in SL360. On slides with layers, there is an instruction to 'select each tab and then click next to continue', or some variety of that instruction. Every time this instruction appears, it is specified to be in the same font and size, for example Arial-14pt. However, on some slide layers, although the specification is for the instruction to be Arial-14pt, it is in fact either a larger or smaller size. Where it's smaller, I tried to make the font larger from the size dropdown. When I select 16pt, it appears larger, but not large enough. Yet, when I go up to 18-pt, it actually gets smaller. I've added an attachment for your consideration. I had to strip out any client-identifying info, as well as the client proprietary font. So, in the attached example, the font for the 'Click next' instruction is specified to be Arial-14 pt. and displays at the bottom right or left of the slide and slide layers. You'll see it looks different on every layer. Any help will be appreciated.

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