Spell check problems

Nov 02, 2018


The spell check feature in Storyline isn't working correctly. When a word is misspelled sometimes the software doesn't catch it, or when it does and underlines it in red I will right click and there either won't be a replacement or if I select the replacement it doesn't fix it. 

Also, every time I use contractions it tells me they are misspelled (e.g., "doesn't" will show incorrect and it often will just show "doesn't" when I right click but then  either not fix it or it replaces it so this shows up: doesn't't). 

I'm at a loss as to how to fix this and it's making editing tricky. 


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Richard Slate

This post is almost five years old. The only way to fix it is to rebuild the way that Storyline processes text in the notes pane.  It seems like Articulate won't fix this issue and many other problems with the notes section.  Perhaps because it's built atop PowerPoint and the notes section of PowerPoint is weak as well?

Richard Slate

My apologies if you were offended by my post.  Interesting that you have it on the slides as well.  This concern only happens in notes on my system.  I know how frustrated you feel.  Tools should work.  That comment wasn't meant for you except maybe to manage your expectations.  Articulate has a big enough market share that they don't seem to care about fixing the myriad problems with their interface.  If Adobe ever decided to make Captivate user-friendly, they'd eat Articulate's lunch.

Richard Slate

I appreciate your input, but not according to my computer.  When I look deep, there's an instance of PowerPoint running every time I open Storyline. Not to mention the multiple PowerPoint DLLs that run with Storyline.
Either way, it's good to see somebody else is paying attention.  Maybe with enough eyes and voices, they'll actually DO SOMETHING to fix this godforsaken interface.

Phil Mayor

I don't have an issue with the UI. In places I would love to see some change to reduce the number of click to achieve something. . I would agree notes needs some works and I suffer with the Spellchecker issue all the time. We have had huge workflow improvements over the last few years and I am sure they will continue.

Richard Slate

Being fairly new to Articulate, I couldn't speak to the "huge" workflow improvements.  But I can say, that when a bug affects me each and every day and it is not a priority for the service provider, I usually move on.

Unfortunately, Articulate seems to be the only caterer in town.  I'm guessing there's not enough market for Adobe to improve the Captivate GUI, but watch out if they do. The integration possibilities boggle the mind.