Stacked interactive objects don't work

Jul 25, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can shed some light on a hiccup I am having.  As soon as I introduce a layer with a button interaction over the base layer that has, for example, a slider or scrolling panel, the button interaction stops working.  Anyone know why?  I've only been working with the product for 2 months.

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Walt Hamilton

If there are objects on the layer that cover the base object, the base object cannot sense the mouse.

If the layer is set to prevent the user from clicking on objects on the base, the user cannot click on base objects.

If the problem is something else, attach your .story file here, and someone can look at it and help you.

Lisa van der Westhuizen

Thank you for your reply Walt,

But it seems to happen sporadically. Some slides it will work fine, some slides not at all. Can I draw you up a composite of the slides where it works and the ones were it does not? It is an integral feature of the package that I am developing to ease navigation for the user.

Kind regards,

Vrywaringsklousule / Disclaimer:

Lisa van der Westhuizen

Hi Walt,

Find attached the story file. This is only the introductory part. This will be the blue print for the 8 other units that need to be reworked.

Kind regards,

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Reply to Stacked interactive objects don't work
Walt Hamilton replied:
Yes, seeing samples of the slides would help.


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Walt Hamilton

If you are referring to the navigation menu in the upper right, when other layers show, they are set to hide other layers, so the buttons layer is hidden. When the layer is closed, the button layer does not reappear.

You have a trigger to show Buttons layer when the timeline of Picture 1 starts, but that timeline starts only at the point on the slide timeline at the point when the Picture's icon first appears on the timeline.

Try this: Where the triggers make Picture 1 move down on the screen, add another trigger to show the Button layer. You will still have a problem if the menu is showing, and a layer shows and closes Button layer. When that layer closes, the menu is still showing, but the button layer isn't. To solve that, I would move the menu back up when another layer shows. That way, whenever the menu is showing, so is the layer.

In your file, I made those changes to the physical characteristics of the buddha slide.

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