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Apr 16, 2020

Hello, I am wondering if/how I can have a page at the beginning of my Storyline 360 course which has links to a certain time frame within one single video.  In other words, I have one video page, but I would like my users to select a "section" of that video on a previous slide, and link them to that section in the video (e.g. play video from 7:27 to 9:53).  Once complete, it takes them back to the selection page.  OR, do I have to splice that video into separate clips on separate slide pages?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Carl,

Thank you for reaching out! 

An idea that comes to mind that I think will help is using a Jump to time trigger. This trigger will allow you to give learners a way to navigate the course by using triggers that jump to different times or cue points on the timeline. You can find more details on using these triggers here: 

If this isn't quite what you are looking for, please let us know! 

William Hach

Thank you for the timely feedback.

The idea is there, but will that work on a selection page that takes them to the video page?  The user makes a selection on page 1, and then it takes them to the "cue point" on page 2 (video page).  The trigger you mention only works on the same page as the video, correct?

I guess I would have to layer it.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Carl!

I can see the combination of a variable and trigger being useful for this specific request! 

For example, could you create a variable to determine when and if the user jumps to the video slide?

If you have a sample file we could look at, feel free to share it in this discussion by using the Add Attachment button.

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