Started a Storyline project on laptop and want to continue on desktop

Nov 30, 2023

Hello all,

Hoping to get some help. I started a Storyline project on my laptop and would like to continue working on it on my desktop. I published the project and saved it on my box folder and have access to it on my desktop computer. However, I don't know how to then work on it from there. What file do I import to storyline? How do I continue to work on the project?  I reviewed previous posts on the subject but they all seem to end at the saving the project piece. What file do I use from the zipped folder to continue work? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Walt Hamilton

You can’t use a file from the zipped folder. Once the story is published, you can’t change it. What you want is the story before it is published, the .story file. Open it on the laptop, and do a Save AS. Save it to the box, and open it (the .story file) from there on your desktop.

Be sure to load it from box if you want to work on it again with the laptop without losing work.