Starting Scene is Labeled as Scene 4 - How to Change to Scene "1"?

Apr 09, 2016


I've imported a .PPT presentation into Storyline 2. I'm trying to organize the slides into scenes.  I've identified a scene as my "Starting Scene," but Storyline keeps numbering it as Scene 4.  How do I get it to be Scene 1?

Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tony

if you've done the steps above Walt suggested and he's right it's about the navigation links not the scene number and you're still not happy I would recommend creating a new project file and importing them in one by one in the order that you want. So that means selecting intro scene only on first pass, then next scene etc - if select them all at once it will just repeat what you have.

Note if you have a player theme you've created I would save and name that so you can apply it to the new file.

Hope that helps.

Walt Hamilton

In the video, notice that changing the scene numbers does not change the position of the scenes in StoryView. That is changed only when I change the starting scene.

I should note that I have better luck moving the second scene than I do moving the first.

Try moving another scene into first place, then making it the starting scene. Then move the introduction scene to first and make it the starting scene.

Paula Obrien

If you've got only a couple of scenes, there's a manual work-around.

  1. In Story View, right-click the stage, select New Scene. Storyline 2 adds a new scene to the end of the existing scenes.
  2. Move all the slides from the previous scene into the new scene.
  3. Move all slides from the next previous scene into the now empty scene.
  4. Repeat the moves until Scene 1 is blank.
  5. Move the slides you want to live in Scene 1 to what is now an empty Scene 1.
  6. Delete the 'Untitled Slide' Storyline 2 added to the start of each new scene.
  7. Save the project.

Not efficient, but it gets the job done relatively quickly in a project comprised of just a few scenes. Having the ability to renumber/resequence scenes would be a great new feature!

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