Page numbering problem develops when published

Jul 14, 2017

Page number x of total within a scene: utilizing Storyline 2, course is developed in four scenes, each scene has specific Master Slide. Each master uses the follow trigger use two variables to set page number and count.

on Master Slide "Set PgCount equal to X When Timeline starts" as an example this is set to 4 for scene 1 and 11 for scene 2.

At Story View, each slide use "Set PgNum equal to X when timeline starts"

Throughout the development process, the Preview slide, scene and entire project functions perfectly.

When I publish - to local drive - same location as source data, The story applies the scene 1 values to every scene. I've tried different variations of master slides and layouts.

If anyone has any ideas other than starting over it would be appreciated? 

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mark powley

It appears the issue is related to the selected output

When CD is selected, page number never changes as you advance through the slides.

When LMS is selected it works perfect. 

My main project has four scenes with multiple slides. Each scene utilizes variables for slide number and total slides per scene;  when I select CD - no work, when I select LMS numbers are working but now other items are not. 


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