State change on variable not working


In my latest project when a pair of objects are selected I'm displaying a lightbox layer (matching pairs game)

I'm then trying to change the state of the object so that it displays a star when the correct answer on a lightbox is selected. I've tried using T/F and numeric but can't seem to get it to work. Can anyone help please. I've attached a mini example

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Phil Mayor

Hi Norren the main issue is that the slide is paused when the lightbox opens so there is no way to change the object state this way because the variable does not change on that slide, I have moved your trigger on the last slide up so it is before the jump to trigger (triggers after jump to do not fire).  I have changed the variables on 1.1 to when timeline starts triggers and set the slide to resume saved state. seems to work, but if the user uses the red x to exit the lightbox this will not work.

Noreen b

Thank you - I've tried using a normal slide rather than a lightbox (I'd prefer a lightbox but that seems to stop the variable change) I also changed my trigger to When timeline starts and that also seems to of made a difference

At least its working - I will play around to see if I can get it working with the lightbox if I have time