State Change...Triggered within a different Scene?!

Sep 07, 2021

Hi All

I'm brand new to Articulate and creating my first course in Storyline.

I shall do my best to describe my challenge but please do ask for more detail if I've been unclear!


I have created a 'Main Menu' page with the different lessons on it.  Each lesson is represented by an illustration that acts as a button, and has 4 states created for it - normal, disabled, selected, visited.


Normal - colourful image

Disabled - greyed out image

Selected - highlighted image when clicked

Visited - check mark added to the image


I have managed to establish the triggers for the first view of the menu page, and then the selected state for lesson 1.

I have then created scene two, and at the end looped back to the main menu.

I want to then trigger a visited state on lesson one, and simultaneously change lesson two from disabled to normal, with a selected state triggered by clicking it to launch scene 3 (lesson 2!)


I'm sure this is possible and that our trainer covered it but my brain is fried!

Thank you for any help you can offer,


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Susi B

Hey Nikki,

you can do this with variables. I would recommend a true/false variable for each lesson. Then you can change the variable from false to true of each lesson and use this to change the states.

So what you need:

1 variable for each lesson e.g. "lesson_1" set to false.

A trigger on the last slide of each lesson to change the variable of the lesson to true when the timelinse starts.

A trigger on the menu slide to change the state of the lessons button/image to the one with the checkmark when the timeline of the menu slide starts under the condition that the variable of this lesson is true. Same trigger for the next lesson to change the state to normal when the timeline starts and the previous lessons variable is true.

I made you a little dummy. :)



Walt Hamilton

I'm sure Susi's dummy does this, but in case you don't notice it:

Visited and Selected states have built-in superpowers that allow them to show at appropriate times. If you create triggers to change the object to those states, you risk offending the superpowers, and can have a huge mess. If you need to use your own triggers to change to those states, create custom states with different names, and use them instead.