State change with TF variable conditions not working

Sep 03, 2020

Hi there!

I am trying to enable prev/ next buttons to change from hidden to normal when all slide layers are visited but for some reason, I cannot get the interaction to work using conditions with TF variables. Please see attached file to help troubleshoot.

It is very odd as I have done this type of slide numerous times, and it always works. I even have another slide set up in the exact same way in another section of my course working correctly. However, the attached configuration will not change prev/ next buttons to normal when all variables are true.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Walt Hamilton

Layers are part of the slide. Since you always jump to layers, you never leave the slide, so the timeline doesn't restart.

This is one of the few places where "When state of ... is ..." works

Throw away the hotspots, and just click on the rectangles. That way, they can change state to Visited, and you can use that state to change the state of Next. You won't need the variables, either.

Under other circumstances, you might have to rely on the variables. In that case, you don't fire the triggers "when timeline starts", but "When variable1 changes", if the other two are True. If you do that, you will need a trigger for each variable.

Sam Hill

Hi Lori, Your trigger is currently only operating on Timeline starts, therefore is not triggered as the variables change. In order for this to work correctly, you would have to build a trigger for each of the variables when they change, and then check the value of each of the three variables.

It requires a few more triggers (see the example I provided).

There is a simpler way to do this. If you use buttons, rather than hotspots, and have the slide resume saved data, you can simply enable Next/Prev when the state of all buttons are Visited. 

See my example of this on the second slide.

Lori Carlson

Thank you Walt and Sam for your help troubleshooting. I applied adjust variable as advised and the slide now works. Unfortunately, I have to use hotspots (can't use visited state) because in the real interaction, the show layer is triggered by user clicking a small icon, which is difficult to click without hotspot.

I understand what you are saying about the when condition with timeline start; however, I have used this same format (timeline start with variable conditions) for changing state of prev/ next buttons in other slides/ courses and it always works. There is something about the current configuration on this slide that is not working, but I am not sure what.

Anyways, problem solved and thank you both very much.

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