State of Next and Prev Buttons

Aug 14, 2019

Hello all,

I have a slide with about 10 layers. I also have 4 topic buttons in my slide which I want my learners to visit all. So, I want to hide next and prev buttons until my learners visit all layers by clicking on topic buttons. I created a variable for each of my buttons and set them to false as their initial values. I adjusted those variables when learners completed the layers associated with the buttons. Can somebody help me understand why my conditions don't work? 


I set prev and next buttons' initial states as hidden and wanted to change them to normal when all variables are changed to True!


Thanks in advance! 

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Diane Fallier

Insert a text box and then place %variableName% in the text box. Replace variableName with the name of your variable. Very helpful for debugging  what your variables are doing. I frequently create a box that has something like the following:

Variable1 = %Variable1%

Variable2 = %Variable2%

The %Variable1% construct is replaced with the value of that variable.

Remzi Kizilboga

Okay. I found a different solution. I created a new variable called "nextprev" and set it to False as its initial value. Then, created a trigger like "adjust the variable to true when the states of all topics button's are visited, and then change the state of next and prev button to normal if the value of variable nextprev is true. It seems to be working.  But I still want to know what "displaying variable values" mean.

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