State doesn't react as expected

Dec 17, 2015


I have a problem with a case study story (see file attached).

The user should click on one of the statements (at this point only incoming trx on the left side of the table is done) and see a feedback on the right side of the screen (layer "answer right").

The answer is composed of the character "Nicky" and of one of the feedback texts. There are 3 different feedbacks and one "wrong" or "right" each, depending on the part the user clicks. Clicks on the TRX-part give TRX-feedback (right or wrong), clicks on the conterparty-part give conterparty-feedback (right or wrong), clicks on the country-part give country-feedback (right or wrong). In this case, only the second line in the conterparty-feedback should show a correct answer.

For guidance, I added a text box showing the value of the variables.

But I still doesn't work and I don't understand why.

May somebody help?

Thanks a lot!

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