State Problem when Restart Course

Apr 06, 2015

Hi, I need some Heros here.

I've create some interaction using state. In the home screen, there are 3 button to access different slide. When user return to home page, the clicked button will change as marker has been visited. After all 3 button has been visited 4th button will appear that lead to quiz when clicked.

At the end of quiz, result slide will appear.  When the user success there is Restart Course button to restart from beginning.

And here comes the problem.

After Restart Course button being clicked. The course is finely restart. The 3 button hasn't changed, and the 4th button still hidden. But when I close the browser, and then re open the course, resume option appear then I choose 'Yes'. Suddenly the course comes up with 3 buttons already visited and 4th button appears.

Is there some way to prevent the state change happens suddenly?

I've attached the .story file so everyone could check it

FYI: I published it for LMS with SCORM 2004 3rd. And I've try this using

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Primus,

I see you're using the "restart course" trigger, but nothing in terms of resetting the results or similar elements? Since the user has already answered the questions, that's likely why on the resume they're seeing the 4th button already visible. I'd look at including that trigger as well. As Wendy mentioned to ensure a slide behaves a particular way you'll likely want to choose either reset to initial state or resume saved state. 

primus  pandumudita

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for your respond.

Actually the problem is, It seems when I click 'restart course' the state of object in home slide set to normal. But when I close my browser and reopen it then resume player I choose yes, the state suddenly became visited.

I can't use 'reset initial state' because when user revisit home slide. I want the already clicked button will change state to visited. And this will not occur if I set to 'reset initial state'

Fortunately I just overcomed this problem. I use variable to change the state instead of using click. I already test it and it work well when I close the browser and I re open it.

Here I attached the modification. 


Aashu Prakash

Hi Primus

Problem with your course is that your slide property is "Automatically decided". That's why some time the slide behave "Reset to initial state" or "Resume save state" on browser. 

You need to create variables to change the state of object and control them by using the action (Change state to). Change the slide property also "Reset to initial state".


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