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Jun 04, 2013


I have quite a simple question however it is quite complex to explain.

I have an overview slide (let us call this slide; "slide 1") containing lots of buttons. When someone clicks on one of these they go to a specific section in the course.

Eg. If you click on the button "lemon" you go to the section on lemons.

Once you have done this section you go back to "slide 1" and the button "lemon" now gets the state "green". So the user sees what chapter he has already done.

However there are also other ways to get the the lemon chapter.

What I want to do is if someone uses an alternative path and complets the "lemon" chapter I want the button on slide 1 "lemon" to become green as well. Even the user did not click on the "lemon" button on "slide 1".

In short I have an overview slide with different buttons linking to different course chapters.

If the user clicks on one of the buttons they go to the relevant chapter. Once the chapter is done they go back to the overview slide. The button of the sections they have done change to the color green.

However there are alternative paths to go to the diferent chapters. Every time a user has completed a chapter I want the button of that chatper on the overview slide (slide 1) to become green. Even if the user never clicked on that respective button on the overview slide. So the user can always see what he has already done.

How do I do this?



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Dawn Russ


Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Being able to see the logic, states, triggers, and variables built is so helpful for me. I usually understand and learn best from being able to reverse engineer something. I always wondered how to get a checkmark to show for states and now I know how to that, too. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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