States on a revisited quiz

I have a course where learners must complete content slides in order and then complete a quiz with 100% accuracy to progress to the next section. If they do not receive 100%, they are directed back to the content and then they must complete the quiz again.

I have set the quiz state to reset upon each visit. This works fine; however, it seems if the quiz slide is left to "automatically decide" or "resume saved state," the learner cannot change his/her previous answers.

Is that correct? Just making sure of all the options.


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Sharon Love

Let me add a twist to this. Our quiz is unscored. When the learner revisits a quiz question we show their answer and want the NEXT  and PREV button on the page. I have used this feature multiple times. Now I have been given a course written by someone else and the navigation buttons either don't work or take me to random places and not the previous or next slide in the presentation. I am using Storyline.

I am beginning to suspect the previous author changed the default player but I do not know how to check the navigation buttons after the learner has submitted the answer.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sharon, 

Changing the player set up would not necessarily change how the next/previous buttons function as those are set up on a slide basis. If you're looking at the individual slide you'll be able to see how the navigation is set up within the trigger panel, and you should see if there is anything custom set up there in terms of say "jump to slide 5.1 when the user clicks the next button" even though the next slide in sequence would be slide 3.4 as an example.