States Resetting While Using Variables and Master Slide Navigation

Hi everyone!

I'm having issues with my master slide states reverting back when advancing to a new slide. I have programmed these states to change via variables, so I'm curious why they would revert. I've attached my .story file here. For example, If you click "Horror", then "Next," it should show a star on the Completed state. But then if you clicked another button it reverts back to it's Normal state. The same is true for my Award icon which is supposed to fill up with yellow as they complete each area. That reverts too. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

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Brian Dennis

The .story file posted doesn't have any graphics in the States, so that might be at play. Plus, most of your triggers are tied to "change", not "equal"... 

Personally, I would have moved many of these trigger to the slides and used "==" triggers w/the different state graphics in the States (using a Custom state) if required.