States which get activated based on a variable value (conditional)

Nov 11, 2014

Good day

I have been trying to use the visited state button to be activated only conditionally when a variable value changes i.e. when the user has completed a scene of the CBT and the counter is incremented by 1 and the user jumps back to the menu in which the button state should change to visited.  This is not working - the button state changes to visited the moment I click on the button.  How can I make this work for me ?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Gaye,

I guess this may be a little different than what the OP had stated. Do you want your items to show the custom state when they click the item, or at a different time?

The built in Visited state will show when an item is clicked (visited). A custom state you can have change using any of the triggers.

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Gaye Charlton


I want my item to be ticked on returning to the slide after the user has completed the scene and taken the test. I have setup a visited state on each of my text boxes that are all on one slide. Each time they click on the text box I have a trigger that jumps to a scene in the story.

After reading the tutorial I realised that the built in visited would tick the text straight away, which is not what I want. What I do not understand is that 3 out of my 7 text boxes (which all jump to different scenes) tick on return (which is what I want) and the other 4 on the same slide tick straight away. I would expect them all to tick straight away, as I just have a trigger for them all to jump to specific scenes?

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Gaye Charlton
Training Manager

Emily Ruby

Hello Natasha!

I took a look at the file, and you would need to make the main menu slide triggers to "Change the state of" with the condition that the variable has been changed:

Attached is an updated file with some adjustments to get this to work for you.

When the buttons used to go back to the main menu are clicked, the variable adjusts to "true" then the button shows the "been there" state when returning to the slide.

Gaye Charlton

Emily, I have been away so have only just got back to trying to sort out the problem I spoke to you about over a week ago. The problem is where I have a whiteboard with text boxes, on selection of a text box it jumps to a scene.  After working on a scene they return to the whiteboard it is then that I want the text box to be ticked.  I tried to send you a file but I believe you did not receive it.  I am going to try again after talking with my IT team.    

Emily Ruby

Hello Gaye!

The file did come through.

Looking at this file, i see that the ticks are working properly as when the user return to the main menu, the visited state is shown. I do see that the Import Configuration, Invalid Postcode format, Invalid client occupation, and Policy with POS number not found are showing the visited state right away.

These are not assigned to "jump to" any slides. If you assign their trigger to jump, then the states will work as they should. I am not sure which scenes these are supposed to jump to, but I assigned them all to 3.1 for an example.

Gaye Charlton

Hi Emily,

I am still a little confused.  I did have all slides jumping to different scenes but because of the size of the file I had to cut it down I thought I had left in some that ticked straight away and some that didn't.  I am not getting far with this am I.  I will re-apply the jumps again to each scene and see if it makes any difference. Unfortunately the whole file is to big to send.      



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