States with "Restore on mouse leave" not working properly

Mar 15, 2016

Hi heroes !

I'm facing an issue with the restore on mouse leave function.

I have set a mouse hover state and a visited state on a polygon (polygon3 on my SL project).

The mouse hover state is working fine. The visited state is working fine.

The problem is when the state is set on "visited" and the mouse leaves the polygon, the appearence of the my visited state is different from it is supposed to be. A form (a tick) is missing.

Any thoughts please ?

Thanks !

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

Thanks for sharing your file here. When you're using the built in states such as "hover" you don't need to add a trigger for them, as they'll behave based on the definitions here. Adding a trigger can cause odd behavior - but when I looked at yours and removed that trigger I was able to see the checkmark in the visited state and when hovering over it after visiting it the color still does change, but it also now includes the checkmark associated with the visited state. I'm not sure if that's the part you're having difficulty with - but if you don't want the hover to show after the user has visited it, you could look at using the disabled state. 

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