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I am new to storyline 2 but i have a background as a web developer, so i am familiar with technical side of creating web content.

I am making some e-learning modules that i wish to be html5, iOS and Android compatible without external players (native html5)

because of this, i am triying not to use flash in any form, i have a animation that i want to loop wich i exported as a 1 second transparent looping gif at 30 fps and 128 colors with no dither.

Storyline seems to change te color indexing of the gif file and the fps too, the results are really inferior to the original .gif file that i made.

My question is, if there is any option that i can set to tell storyline to respect the original file settings and no ¨recompress¨ it.

i am attaching the original .gif file that i made.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jose,

Thanks for sharing the file here - I took a look at it in a new browser, preview and within the Flash and HTML5 output - and I'm not sure I'm seeing a difference. Here is a link to the HTML5 output - can you tell us more about how/where you're testing this (i.e. which iOS version, browser, etc.)? 

José G Lanz M.

Right now i am using the preview function to do the revisions, and exporting for an LMS,

i am attaching a screenshot from my version, i used the insert image function, your demo looks better than mine, but it changes the FPS from the original file too.

i am on windows 8.1 using chrome and firefox at their latest versions.

miguel contreras
Muhammad Nurul islam

try to copy the original GIF into the published folder, but use the published folder gif name. (so rename the original GIF to the same GIF in the published folder, then delete the old GIF replace with the original GIF you have renamed)

Thxs, you save my life.