Sticky menu/dashboard in Storyline

Hi guys,

I created sticky menu in SL 360 to be use in a gamified course. The sticky menu consist of progress bar and other elements and should stay always on top (top layer) of the slide just like what we commonly see in a real game. To achieve this I used the master slide with a trigger Show layer in it.

I'm having problems showing this sticky layer once I show a different layer in adifferent slide.

I have attached the SL rawfile to explain this clearer.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erwin!  Thanks for sharing your .story file - great way to get some fast help.

I checked out the slide layer properties on your second slide, and noticed that the option to "Hide other slide layers" was checked.  I unchecked it, and voila!  The master layer was appearing again.

Hopefully that works on your end, too!

Erwin Ancheta

Hi Crystal,

Sincerely I want to thank you for your help. It's works like brilliant! I thought I was already cornered and want to do other work-arounds. But no, it's not the end yet! hahah.

Happy to have this forums that can help us maximize the tool Storyline.

More power to you!