Still having problems with Storyline 360 memory problems

Jun 05, 2018

Hi all,

I'm using Storyline 360 and fully up to date on the latest version. I continue to occasionally have the "your system appears to be low on memory" issue that was supposed to have been resolved a few versions ago. I just had it happen now--at the end of the day. I lost a a few things but nothing major. However, this is a real bummer when you forget to save. I'm attaching a couple of the error messages I received while trying to save--either just to resave or to save as--neither one would work. Besides the two messages I've attached here, there was also one that said something about a "closed stream" I think. But I didn't get a shot of it.

I should also mention that I also experience Storyline 360 crashes sometimes when I'm working with illustrations from the storyline collection. That happened today as well. I was simply moving a graphic and SL had to close.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Noelle, 

Losing your work is never fun, even if you only lost a little bit of it. I can imagine the hesitation at continuing to work if this keeps happening to you, so I'd like to have our Support team take a look at your setup and gather a bit more detail on what else could be interfering with Storyline.

The previous fixes we implemented were found after identifying a memory leak after working with a bunch of users and pulling some logs, so any and all information we can gather is helpful! 

I opened a case for you, so you'll see an email from shortly. That's just a confirmation email, but someone will be in touch soon after that to guide you through some next steps. 

Thanks for reaching out here, and I know my team will work hard to get you fixed up! 

Noelle T

Thanks so much. I had some help today from Victor and it looks like the system memory on my computer is not able to handle all of the intense graphics work I do on a daily basis. I'm an eLearning developer AND a graphic designer, so I seem to be pushing my virtual memory past it's limits sometimes. And in particularly the interaction I'm currently working on has a huge amount of illustrations on one screen so it was just another factor in it all. I got some good suggestions as far as what I need on my system, so I'll be looking into that.

Thank you so much for the help--especially when it isn't even specifically SL's fault.

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