stop embedded video

Feb 28, 2023


I have embedded videos on a layer in an SL360 course. When a learner clicks another layer, the embedded video keeps playing. How can I stop this?



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Eric Schaffer

I believe if you look at the layers panel, you will find a little gear looking icon in the lower right corner. Click on it to open the layer properties panel. The second from the last check box should say Prevent the user from clicking on the other layers. Check that and it should prevent it from happening. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Julie, 

Storyline 360 cannot interact with an embedded video since it's being hosted on a third-party platform, so when your learners open another layer in the slide, there isn't a way to pause the embedded video. 

We recommend obtaining a local copy of the video instead so you can add it to your Storyline 360 project file directly. Doing so will allow you to play and pause the video as needed.