stop objects from playing?

Jan 02, 2013


I am at odds: This interaction worked a few months ago when I created this scene. However today, when I am trying to make some edits this isn't working. Are there some updates I don't know of or am I missing something?

I am trying to stop the swf objects from playing on a layer once the user clicks the 'exit' button to return to the base layer. I have multiple swfs spread out on the timeline. 

My triggers are: stop media for all the swfs (individual triggers) and show layer when user clicks exit button.



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Kai ...

Hi Graham,

I can't share this file due to proprietary info. However, my SL is acting weird. not sure whether I can debug the file or debug SL. One minute it is playing 100% the next, it looks all weird visually like the rendering is off and the images look disjointed. I am confused?????

I will try your suggestion and see.

Kai ...

Mike Enders said:


Sorry to hear that things have gone a bit wonky.  

I'd suggest submitting it to support so we can take a look at it.

Hopefully we'll be able to get you fixed up in a hurry!


Mike, do you mean my work file or just the serial number of the trial I just installed?

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